Getting the software

Go to website to download the all new SmartAP GCS.


This software will help you to configure the autopilot for your specific requirements and prepare it for the flight. The software can be run on all popular platforms such as:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

And available for the major operating systems:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux

Depending on the version and platform you've chosen follow the steps to install the application.

First run

Run the applications after installation and if you're able to see the authorization window then it means that the application was installed successfully and you may proceed to the next steps.


Create account

If you don't have an account yet you'll need to create one. Click SIGN UP and fill the simple form providing your email and password along with some other details. Account is needed to sync data across your platforms and operating systems and exchange UTM information.


Please, use strong password containing at least 8 symbols with at least one digit.

World pane

Once you fill in the details click SIGN UP. If you're registered successfully you'll get into the app and will see the main pane which is called World.


World pane provides all necessary information about the flight and allows controlling the flight modes and planning the mission.

Toolbar gives the following general information and control: Image

App Menu

If you pull out the drawer from the left side or click three bars button you'll see the app menu. You can go into your account settings, log out or switch between the application panes.


UAV Settings

Clicking the gear will open UAV settings menu. The main tab shows information concerning hardware, installed firmware and unique ID. Tabs at left provide the navigation between various settings of the flight controller which will be described in the further chapters.


Top right corner has Links icon. Clicking this icon shows connections management menu. There are a few communication types available:

  • Serial
  • UDP
  • TCP / IP


You can create and store a new Serial / UDP / TCP/IP connection by choosing COM Port and Baud Rate or providing IP & Ports details. Connection can be established via USB or wireless telemetry.

Usually, baud rate for wireless telemetry connection is 57600
If you are about to configure a new Flight Controller unit it is recommended to use USB connection instead of wireless telemetry.

First connection

Select the desired connection, click ADD and then CONNECT.


If you have successfully created a proper connection, you will see the icons changing their state and hear confirmation that the UAV has been connected and parameters are being loaded. Toolbar will show current time, total flight time, radio connection status, GNSS satellites count and status, link health, battery info and so on.

Sometimes you might get a message that you're using partialy incompatible version. This means that the functionality introduced recently might be not supported by your currently installed firmware and it's highly recommended to update it.


Therefore, if you see the message above, please, proceed to Firmware Upgrade procedure described in the next chapter.