Getting the software

Go to website and download SmartAP GCS. This software will help you to configure the autopilot for your specific requirements and prepare it for the flight. After downloading the application install it and follow the steps described below.


Main window

After installing the application, you may open it and connect to the flight controller. Connection can be established via USB or wireless telemetry (for wireless telemetry choose rate 57600). During the configuration procedures it’s recommended to use USB interface. In the top right corner select the COM port of your controller and press connect button.


If you can see the Heartbeat icon blinking (bottom-left) and parameters loaded successfully then the connection has been established. Then you can go to Configuration tool (icon in the top left corner). Once you get there you’ll see the window with the basic instructions.

Configuration window

Tabs at the top provide the navigation between various settings of the flight controller which will be described below. Configuration tab has 3 buttons:


  • Refresh – read all parameters from the flight controller
  • Send – send changed parameters to the flight controller
  • Save to SD – save parameters permanently to SD card