Modes overview

Flight Modes overview

SmartAP has 3 switches for modes control – one 3-position switch and two 2-position switches:

Mode Switch: 3 position switch (Main mode control):

  • Stabilize
  • Altitude hold
  • Loiter (GPS Position hold + Altitude hold)

Auto Switch: 2 position switch (Auto mode control):

  • On / Off - enable / disable autonomous waypoints flight (overrides previous switch)

RTH Switch: 2 position switch (RTH mode control):

  • On / Off - enable / disable return to home mode (overrides both previous switches)

In Altitude Hold and Loiter modes you will have altitude rate control with the throttle stick. Middle position means hold the altitude, raising or lowering the stick means going up or down with the speed from 0 to 3 m/s (by default, can be changed in Control tab).

Before take off

  1. Set your throttle stick down
  2. Power on the transmitter
  3. Power on the copter
  4. Make sure you’re in Stabilize, Altitude hold or Loiter mode
  5. When you’re ready to fly – ARM the system by turning left stick right-down for 1 second
  6. Release the stick after hearing the long beep
  7. The system is armed and ready for take off

The Flight

  1. Slowly raise your throttle stick until the copter takes off from the ground
  2. Use the right stick to control the lean angles / position of the copter
  3. Use mode switches if you want to switch to Loiter / Auto / RTL etc. mode

After landing

  1. Disarm the system after landing by turning let stick left-down for a 1 second
  2. Two short beeps mean that the system has been successfully disarmed
  3. Power off the copter
  4. Power off the transmitter