SmartAP v4.x


SmartAP 4 Autopilot is the latest generation flight control system for multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of various configurations and sizes aimed at the wide range of applications. The main feature of the system is the capability of fully autonomous flight including take off, waypoints flight, landing and much more. The core is based on powerful 32-bit microcontroller ST Microelectronics® STM32F4 and 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit. The latest UBlox® GPS module with integrated 3-axis magnetometer and pressure sensor can be connected externally for autonomous flight capabilities as well as wireless telemetry module for system configuration, mission planning & control and in-flight monitoring via specially designed SmartAP Ground Control Station and Configuration Tool. SmartAP 4 supports any type of multirotor UAV with outstanding flight performance, reliability, navigation and control precision. Compact size and weight makes integration of the system fast and easy, various I/O interfaces allow creating the applications for interaction with 3rd party electronics and payload.


Set includes

  1. SmartAP 4 Flight Controller
  2. GPS / GLONASS satellite navigation module with integrated 3-axis magnetometer
  3. Telemetry kit (air and ground module with antennas and connection cable)
  4. DC-DC Power module and current / voltage sensor
  5. MicroSD card with adapter
  6. Electromagnetic sounder


Flight performance




Flight Modes


Size and Weight