Advanced drone software

The Sky-Drones Platform helps to integrate drones in custom end-to-end workflows with lots of enhanced features for advancing our enterprise customers:

  • real-time digital HD video streaming;

  • real-time payload data processing (e.g. computer vision);

  • real-time flight control (e.g. target tracking, collision prevention, and obstacle avoidance);

  • in-flight telemetry and payload data streaming directly to customer’s cloud;

  • drone-to-drone communications;

  • running custom apps directly on the drone (edge computing);

  • safely performing autonomous BVLOS missions with real-time control.

You have all the necessary infrastructure to develop your own drone software as well as use advanced software from Sky-Drones partners.

SmartAP AIRLink software

SmartAP AIRLink has two computers: an AI mission computer and a flight control system.

AI Mission Computer software

OS is Ubuntu 18.04. Full SSH access to the system.

  • The AIRLink package contents is responsible for multimedia. It enables HD video streaming, cloud connectivity, etc.

  • Mission computer communicates with GCS and Cloud via standard MAVLink protocol.

  • Exposed UDP ports allow access to all telemetry data (from localhost or remote host) via MAVLink protocol.

  • RTSP allows access to real-time video feeds.

All AI Mission Computer software is an open-source software except the Sky-Drones AIRLink package.

Flight Control Computer software

The design for our flight control software is based on the recent version of popular open-source flight control software for drones (you know it, and can use its customised version).