Firmware recovery
Steps to recover the firmware in case something doesn't go right

Get the firmware

Contact Sky-Drones Technologies using this contact form to get the firmware.

Prepare microSD card

You will need an empty micro SD card with at least 32GB capacity to flash the firmware image onto it.

Download and install the flashing tool

Download Balena Etcher software, this will help to prepare the bootable SD card and flash an image onto it. After the download is completed, install the software and open it.

Flash the image onto SD card

  • Select an image file you have just downloaded
  • Select the Target (your 32 GB SD card)
Make sure that you have selected the correct target which corresponds to the microSD card. Selecting the wrong target will result in the target being overwritten and lost data.
  • Click Flash!
The process will take approximately 20 minutes. Make sure to safely unmount SD card before unplugging it from the card reader.
  1. 1.
    Insert the SD card into CPU SD card slot
  2. 2.
    Connect the main Power supply to the AIRLink, the system is powered on.
Firmware upgrade process will be started and will include the following key milestones:
  1. 1.
    In approximately 5 minutes, the blue CAM LED will light up. This means that the start of the firmware upgrade process has been successfully initiated.
  2. 2.
    In approximately 15-20 minutes CAM LED will start flashing slowly. This means that the firmware process has been completed and the verification stage is in progress.
  3. 3.
    In approximately 2-5 minutes after the start of CAM LED flashing, the AIRLink will turn itself off automatically. This means that the firmware upgrade process has been successfully completed.
CAM LED Status light (Blue)
After that, you need to turn off the power and remove the microSD card. On the next power up the AIRLink will boot in standard operating mode.
Don't forget to remove the microSD card from the slot. Otherwise, the firmware update process will be started again on the next power up.