Update autopilot bootloader

In some cases you might need to update the autopilot bootloader to get it to the latest version or to recover the unit.

Download Bootloader file

First of all, you would need to download the bootloader file and save it on your computer. You can get the most recent bootloader file with the link below:

Copy bootloader file on a microSD card of the autopilot

Take the microSD card from your autopilot, plug it into your computer and copy smartap_airlink_bootloader.bin into the foot folder. After that, plug in the microSD card back into the AIRLink FMU microSD card slot.

Run update procedure

Connect SmartAP AIRLink to your computer using FMU USB port and open Terminal in QGC.

Locate the microsd card folder:

cd fs/microsd

List the files to make sure that there is a required bootloader file:


You would see the following output:

Run bootloader update procedure:

bl_update smartap_airlink_bl.bin

You should expect the following output:

Autopilot bootloader update has been successfully completed.