Updating GNSS Module

Sometimes it might be needed to update the configuration of GNSS receiver. It can be done for both airborne and ground module (RTK GNS). Latest configuration files as well as configuration tool can be found in the downloads section on the website http://sky-drones.com/dload

Getting U-Center

First of all you need to download and install UBlox U-Center utility. After completing the installation run the program. Image

RTK GNSS Configuration update

Plug in RTK GNSS Module to the USB port of your computer and make sure that the green LED is solid. Image

Then go to U-Center utility and setup the connection in the top-left corner: choose the right COM port and set the baud rate to 115200.

Then go to Tools > GNSS Configuration and select the Configuration file (it’s available for download from the website). Set Store configuration into BBR / Flash checked.


Press File > GNSS button, the update process should start.


If the messages dialog closes itself in about a few seconds and you can’t see any error messages or reports then it means that the configuration of the GPS receiver has been successfully updated.

SmartAP PRO Onboard GNSS module update

Connect your FTDI cable to the GPS port of the flight controller as following:

  • GND <-> GND
  • TX <-> RX
  • RX <-> TX
Do NOT connect 5V or and power supply pin from FTDI cable to flight controller!

Flight controller will get the power from USB cable. Set the boot switch in UPD (“Update”) mode, connect USB cable to the flight controller and connect FTDI cable to computer. Your setup should look as follows:


Once the connections are done, please, proceed with the update steps described above.

Troubleshooting: If it seems that there is no connection to GPS module – try to change the TX and RX pins of FTDI cable connected to flight controller, sometimes colors meanings swapped
Do not forget to put the switch back to RUN position