Software Deployment Options
Learn more about the different options of running Sky-Drones software

Quick and easy start

Sky-Drones software comes free with the hardware. You can use the most advanced ready-made hardware and a free comprehensive set of SmartAP GCS + Sky-Drones Cloud software package.
UAV manufacturers can use all Sky-Drones software (including Sky-Drones Cloud) within their hardware absolutely for free

Sky-Drones Platform On-Premise

Deploy the platform on your server and use it privately. You can your own Sky-Drones Cloud!
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Software customization and integrations

The Sky-Drones team implements software customizations according to your requirements and custom integrations with your IT systems.
White-label options are available too. Contact us for more details.

Your custom drone software

SmartAP AIRLink has cutting-edge equipment and system software. It allows you to enable drones for advanced scenarios involving AI and connectivity features.
The following options are available:
  • Your team develops custom drone software and installs on AIRLink;
  • Sky-Drones team develops custom drone software for you;
  • You buy ready-made software from Sky-Drones partners.
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