Firmware update

You may use varios operating system to update the firmware for SmartLink.

Using Ubuntu:

Get USB Boot utility (done only once)

First of all, you will need USB boot utility which will force system transition to bootloader state.

Download USBBoot tool here: USBBootTool

Forcing bootloader and image flashing

Once you have the boot tool, let's start it and flash the firmware.

  • Open command line and locate USBBoot

  • Start bootloader tool

    sudo ./usbboot

  • Connect USB cable, turn on power supply (make sure to connect USB cable before providing power)

  • Use lsblk or df -h to find out the mounting point of the unit (look for 3.9GB unit since eMMC of SmartLink has this amount of flash memory)

  • Locate the firmware file

  • To flash image from file (make sure to set correct filename and sdX):

    gunzip --stdout IMAGE_NAME.img.gz | sudo dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdX status=progress

Upload process may take up to 15 minutes. Progress will be displayed on the screen.

After upload process completed power off SmartLink before disconnecting the USB cable.