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We provide the entire full-stack hardware and software ecosystem for enterprise drones.

This online documentation covers the how-to, what-if, and just-in-case elements of our whole product range, including:

SmartAP AIRLink: The most advanced AI Drone Avionics: autopilot, mission computer and LTE module.

SmartLink: Drone connectivity system with integrated onboard computer. Provides direct datalink, LTE connectivity, video streaming and more.

Sky-Drones Cloud: Cloud-based web application for drone fleet management, asset management, performance monitoring, mission planning, real-time control and post-flight AI analytics.

SmartAP GCS: Cross-platform ground control station software for vehicle configuration, mission planning and flight control.

SmartAP MAX: Flight Control System aimed at a wide range of purposes for consumer and professional applications with a compact main core and externally connected peripherals.

SmartAP PRO: Industry-leading Flight Control System with outstanding reliability, precision positioning, and control accuracy for professional applications with various peripherals already integrated onboard.

SmartAP PDB: Power transfer from the battery to ESCs / motors and power supply for the flight controller and other peripherals with different voltage levels.

Hardware Products

SmartAP AIRLink Enterprise Edition

AIRLink stands for Artificial Intelligence & Remote Link. The unit includes cutting-edge drone autopilot, AI mission computer and LTE connectivity unit. Start your enterprise drone operations with AIRLink and reduce the time to market from years and months down to weeks.

Broadband Digital Datalink with Integrated Onboard Computer and LTE connectivity. Two HD video channels, telemetry and control with ultra-low latency and a range of up to 20 km.

SmartAP MAX and SmartAP PRO - Drone Autopilots

Sky-Drones flagship flight controllers are SmartAP PRO and SmartAP MAX

Power Distribution and Navigation

SmartAP GNSS, SmartAP RTK, SmartAP PDB

Hardware can be purchased in the official Sky-Drones Store.

Software Products


Configure, plan missions, and operate multiple drones with our cross platform ground control station software. The LTE connectivity allows users to sync their data pre, post, or during flights, and the HD video streaming gives a clearer and wider image than ever before. Furthermore, our most recent advancements have made it possible to alter the quality and latency optimisation mid-flight, just another customisable feature we provide our users with.

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Sky-Drones Cloud

Cloud-based web application for drone fleet management, performance monitoring, mission planning, real-time control and post-flight AI analytics.

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