Initial setup

This page will help you to set up your ATLAS Handheld

Power up ATLAS Controller

  • Open the Pelican case and remove ATLAS Controller

  • Make sure that the antennas are mounted properly


Do not power on the radio module without antennas. It may significantly reduce the quality of the radio or damage the radio module permanently.

  • Press Power button for a second until the unit starts to power up. The boot up process usually takes 15 seconds.

  • After ATLAS is loaded up make sure the WiFi is disabled in order for Ethernet to work properly.

  • If you wish to use radio connectivity please press the power button on the radio module:

  • Make sure that radio module status LEDs are blinking / solid:

Start the Application

Once ATLAS Handheld is loaded you can start the ground control station app. Simply click on the desired app on the main screen or apps menu.

After the app has started you will see its main screen:

You can also install any other apps of your choice. We recommend installing the apps via Google Play Store. You can install .apk too.

Power Off

  • Close the ground control station app by returning to the main screen or pressing the home button.

  • Press the Power button on the radio module to turn off the radio:

  • On the controller’s homepage, use the drop down menu on the top right of the screen to select the “Power Off” button or press VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons for the power off menu.


Plug in the USB Type C cable to the USB charging port as shown on the image below:

ATLAS Handheld can be charged while also being operated. This allows an operator to use ATLAS Handheld regardless of the battery charge level.

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