A selection of questions put forward by our consumers. If you require any more information, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Right now! We have ramped up production of AIRLink units and it's easy to order one from our sales team by completing our contact form on the Sky-Drones website

Slightly more generic information is available on our website on the AIRLink product page, and we have our detailed online documentation here that has a more in-depth collection of data on AIRLink

Via our online documentation available here, or follow docs.sky-drones.com - this is our online documentation portal and contains all the detailed information for all our hardware and software products

AIRLink has two camera ports. One is a CSI and the other is HDMI. We include a CSI camera in every AIRLink set, alongside a mini-HMDI to micro-HDMI cable for connecting your payload camera immediately. USB cameras or IP-based cameras are also attachable, just get in touch and we can talk you through it!

Yes! We can give you full access to the mission computer and autopilot so you can deploy your own applications through AIRLink. This is something we can work on with you, so make sure to enquire now

AIRLink uses widely adopted drone industry standards so modifying the software is doable. The hardware is not open source but for our large volume manufacturers we can provide you with the reference design and help you set up your own production process. This will allow you to control your own volume of AIRLink sets

Yes! AIRLink quite literally stands for 'Artificial Intelligence and Remote Link'. This means that you have the computing power to run complex algorithms onboard

AIRLink has both integrated WiFi and LTE connectivity. WiFi can be used as the access point to connect AIRLink to your router, and LTE connectivity means that AIRLink comes to you with the internet already enabled. You need only set up or log into your Sky-Drones Cloud account and enable the data plan. Alternatively, use your own carrier and data plan and manage this yourself if you'd prefer. Finally, AIRLink has an ethernet port for IP datalink integration. Stay up to date with Sky-Drones for more information!

What is your manufacturing capability?

AIRLink is manufactured in the hundreds per month, but if required we can manufacture thousands per month with a prior requirement notification. AIRLink is manufactured in the United Kingdom using genuine and quality-assured materials. All units are tested before being shipped to customers

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