SmartAP PDB (Power Distribution Board) allows users to transfer power from the battery to ESCs / motors, and generate a power supply for the flight controller and other peripherals with different voltage levels.
PDB provides the functionality for battery voltage / current measurements. SmartAP PDB makes high-power line connections easier and much more reliable.


  • Size: 65x65 mm, 4no. 3mm mounting holes
  • Input voltage up to 60 Volts (14S)
  • Capability to handle extremely high currents (peak current up to 400A)
  • Power input from the main battery, possibility to connect up to 4 independent batteries
  • 12 pairs of pads (6 top, 6 bottom) for powering up to 12 motors (all possible airframe configurations supported)
  • Integrated voltage and current sensors
  • Integrated DC-DC converter from 10-60 V input (up to 14S battery) to 5V output to power peripherals
  • Integrated DC-DC converter from 10-60 V input (up to 14S battery) to 12V output to power peripherals
  • 5V and 12V power output terminals (standard 2.54mm/0.1" connectors)
  • Integrated loud electromagnetic sounder (buzzer)
  • Power output for the flight controller (both 5V and battery VIN)
  • Fully compatible with all SmartAP Autopilots
For further information, please refer to the installation section.

Manufacturing process

At Sky-Drones, we pay extremely high attention to the design of our hardware including manufacturing, inspection and quality control. The reliability of your drone is directly affected by the quality and reliability of the hardware inside, so it's our responsibility to you to take extra are. Take a look at the video below: it demonstrates the essential steps in our hardware production process in our UK factory before being shipped worldwide to our customers.
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Manufacturing process