SmartLink system allows real time HD video, telemetry and control from one unmanned system. SmartLink features are fully integrated into SmartAP GCS and are compatible with most of the popular ground control station software such as QGroundControl, Mission Planner, etc.

Find out more on using SmartLink with other GCS devices here: SmartLink with other GCS

Thanks to Sky-Drones' extensive API on the system, users can take advantage of its features in any third party software too!


To access telemetry on the ground module use the following connection:

  • Type: UDP

  • Host: smartlink.local

  • Port: 14555

SmartLink will forward all autopilot telemetry to this port.

There are two other connections available for interacting with onboard computers, other peripherals and 3rd party applications:


  • Type: TCP

  • Host: smartlink.local

  • Port: 14556


  • Type: UDP

  • Host: smartlink.local

  • Port: 14557


To access the video on the ground module use the following address:

  • Type: RTSP

  • HDMI Input 1: rtsp://smartlink.local:8554/camera/0

  • HDMI Input 2: rtsp://smartlink.local:8554/camera/1

To check the video stream using a standard GStreamer pipeline use the following command:

gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location=rtsp://smartlink.local:8554/camera/0 ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 ! autovideosink sync=false

Manual Control

Manual control comes as a part of other MAVLink telemetry messages. MANUAL_CONTROL message from MAVLink specification is recommended but not exclusive. You may use any manual control messages according to your specification. SmartLink will act as a transparent transfer layer just like any other telemetry module.

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