Connect via SmartAP GCS

1. Open SmartAP GCS app

Open SmartAP GCS application and set up the new connection.

2. Add new connection

Click the WiFi icon in the top right corner to set up the new connection. You should enter the same IP address as you discovered in the previous steps during the initial power up. The port name is 14555. Click open.

You should see the telemetry updates and hear the voice notification that indicated the connection was successfully established.

3. Open autopilot configuration settings

Click on the Gear icon on the top toolbar to open the settings for the autopilot configuration.

Please refer to your specific drone configuration steps for more detailed information.

4. Set up video streaming

Click on the Gear icon in the bottom left corner and set up the video source. Select RTSP video source and type the RTSP address. In our case, this is rtsp://

Click Start and then you should be able to see the real time video feed:

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