Video Streaming

SmartAP GCS has integrated video streaming support from 2 cameras simultaneously:

Latency vs Quality settings

SmartLink and SmartAP GCS support user configurable video streaming parameters - the feed can be optimised for latency and for quality depending on your application requirements:

  • Variable bitrate and manual bitrate settings vs video quality

  • Latency vs quality optimisation

  • Buffering produces a smoother picture for broadcasting applications

Variable video bitrate

SmartLink by Sky-Drones supports variable video bitrate which can be set manually. In this office test we show the difference in quality between 100 kbps to 10 mbps. Autopilot is moved in front of the camera to make the feed less static and to show you potential artefacts at low rates.

LTE Video streaming

This demo demonstrates LTE Video streaming:

Starting the video

SmartAP GCS allows you to see the real-time video feed right there in the application. Click on the gear icon in the bottom-left corner and select the video source you would like to use.

After the video has started, you'll see it in the bottom left corner:

You can also enable full-screen video mode by clicking on the small video window. This will swap the map and video widgets. Easily swap back by clicking on the map pane to bring the video back to full-screen.

If you can't see your video source in the list of available devices, make sure to connect the video source to your computer before starting SmartAP GCS application.

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