Geotag Images

SmartAP autopilot, along with SmartAP GCS, allows users to precisely geo tag images for further post-processing. When the camera feedback pin is connected to the autopilot, the autopilot detects the exact moment the picture was taken and engraves this information into the log file. It contains the following information:

  • ID - image sequence number

  • Latitude - latitude location of the image

  • Longitude - longitude location of the image

  • Altitude - altitude of the image (MSL - above mean sea level)

  • Roll - roll of aircraft

  • Pitch - pitch of aircraft

  • Yaw - yaw of aircraft

To geotag images, download the log file. Then open SmartAP GCS and open the left side menu:

And go to Plot tab:

Click the Options menu in the top-right corner and click Open log file...

You can also simply drag and drop the desired log file into the "Logs" pane. Once the file is open, locate theCAM_TRIGGER group on the right panel.

Select the checkboxes for the fields you would like to export. Normally, all fields are recommended for further processing. Once selected - click Options and click Export CSV.

Then you select the folder destination that you'd like the log file to be exported to. After that you can open the file with any file editor and check its content:

Later, this information can be used for further post processing and map stitching.

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