SmartAP AIRLink
The most Advanced AI Drone Flight Controller
AIRLink stands for Artificial Intelligence & Remote Link. The unit includes a cutting-edge drone autopilot, AI mission computer and LTE / 5G connectivity unit. Start your enterprise drone operations with AIRLink and reduce the time to market from years and months down to weeks.
AIRLink product launch video (< 2 min)
On April 14th, 2021 Kirill Shilov, Founder & CEO Sky-Drones held a live launch webinar where he presented the three-in-one revolutionary product to the drone industry.
Watch the full webinar recording on YouTube if you missed the live event.
AIRLink launch webinar
Take a look at AIRLink manufacturing process.
SmartAP AIRLink - How it's made


Please refer to the PDF datasheet below for the detailed technical specifications.
AIRLink Datasheet.pdf
SmartAP AIRLink Datasheet

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SmartAP AIRLink launch video
SmartAP AIRLink Launch Webinar (LIVE)
SmartAP AIRLink - How it's made
Useful resources