Flashing Bootloader

Tools Required

Manufactured boards come WITHOUT bootloader pre-installed. You can easily flash them yourself. The tools needed include:
  • ST-Link v2 ARM JTAG Debugger
  • ARM JTAG Mini connector 1.25 mm pitch


ST Link debugger looks something like this:
You will need to connect the ST-Link pins to your SmartAP Pins.
The reference for ST Link pins:
The reference for SmartAP JTAG pins (view from top):
Your connection should look like the below:
Your autopilot and ST Link debugger should be powered via USB only.


Open STM ST Link Utility and then go to Target > Program and Verify:
Select the bootloader file to flash:
Finally, press Start
Once completed you'll see the following:
If you now see the board LEDs flashing, congratulations! Bootloader has been successfully flashed! Now you're able to install the firmware.