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Everything you need to setup and start using SmartAP AIRLink

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SmartAP AIRLink unboxing video

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SmarAP AIRLink set
SmartAP AIRLink set includes everything needed to setup the system and get prepared for the flight. Standard set contains:
  • 1x AIRLink Enterprise unit
  • 1x FPV camera with CSI cable
  • 1x WiFi antenna with MMCX connector
  • 2x LTE antenna with MMCX connector
  • 1x HDMI to mini HDMI cable
  • 1x set of cables (7 cables for all connectors)

AIRLink Telemetry set content

AIRLink Telemetry provides broadband AES-256 encrypted private channel for 20km. If LTE connectivity is sufficient for your applications then you don't need AIRLink Telemetry set.
  • 1x Ground module
  • 1x Air module
  • 2x Ground module antennas
  • 2x Air module antennas
  • 1x Telemetry cable
  • 1x Ground module power cable
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Unboxing Video
AIRLink Set content
AIRLink Telemetry set content