Occasionally the operating system can not detect the drivers or detects the drivers incorrectly. If you're experiencing any issues with connecting to the flight controller or firmware update procedure then you should reinstall the driver.

It's recommended to uninstall all previous drivers associated with the autopilot before proceeding to the next steps.

First of all go to the Device Manager and delete the existing drivers if they are already installed. Then plug the flight controller into the USB port. You'll see a message that the new device has been discovered:

If you click on the message you'll see more detailed information. The operating system is trying to find the driver for SmartAP Autopilot and its bootloader.

It is unlikely that the driver will be found automatically, so you'll need to go to Device Manager and set the correct driver. When you open Device Manager you'll see SmartAP as an unknown device.

If you cannot see SmartAP bootloader in the devices list it's probably because the devices is hidden. To make the bootloader device visible (not only for the initial three seconds after power up but for the foreseeable) you can enable hidden devices in windows device manager using the steps below.

  • Open CMD as administrator


  • Type devmgmt.msc into the open device manager

  • Click View > Show hidden devices

More information and further details on the steps above can be found here

Right click on it and choose Update Device Driver.

Then choose Browse my Computer for Driver Software. Go to the download section of the Sky-Drones website and get the driver .inf file for the autopilot. Specify the location of the driver in the Browse menu.

When the below pop up window comes choose Install this driver software anyway

The process might take a few minutes.

Once it's completed you can see the message that the driver was successfully installed.

Unplug and plug in the USB cable of the autopilot to reboot the board. When you next go to Device Manager you'll see that the driver is now installed successfully:

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