Integrated UTM

Sky-Drones have integrated Altitude Angel, AirMap, and High Lander UTM services into Sky-Drones Cloud. To explore drone and airspace integration using Altitude Angel, watch the video below:

Altitude Angel UTM Integration

3D Terrain and Ground Hazards data

Instead of relying on elevation profiles to plan missions, pilots get an intuitive 3D view that allows them to visually create flight paths with interactive waypoints, all in the context of high-resolution World Terrain. Terrain data is integrated with weather information and airspace data from Altitude Angel, helping pilots avoid ground hazards, manned flights, and other airspace restrictions.

Airspace Data

Real-Time Flight Authorization

Sky-Drones Cloud supports real-time flight request and authorization with Altitude Angel. Find your intended flight area and submit a flight plan. This airspace will be reserved for you and this will be publicly available on Altitude Angel's online Drone Safety Map.

Cylinder Flight Plan

Corridor Flight Plan

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