Manual Control

SmartLink allows users to transmit a manual control signal from any USB device (e.g. joystick, gamepad or RC radio with USB port) along with other messages when connected to ground control station.

In this demonstration we demonstrate how to setup manual control using FrSky Taranis radio in USB joystick mode. First of all, open SmartAP GCS and go to Settings.

Then switch to the Joystick tab. Make sure your joystick is connected and selected from the dropdown menu.

Once you've selected the joystick you will be able to assign the channels according to your preferences. Make sure that Enable pilot joystick for control is checked, otherwise manual control messages will not be sent.

Additionally, you can connect a second joystick which will be used for payload control.

After that, if you go back to the World pane you will see a green joystick icon on toolbar. This means that the joystick has been configured successfully and is emitting a manual control signal.

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