The Platform

The most advanced hardware and software ecosystem for enterprise drones

Sky-Drones provides avionics hardware and software solutions for drone manufacturers and drone service providers.

The Sky-Drones Platform helps to integrate drones in custom end-to-end workflows with an abundance of advanced features that are essential to enterprise customers including:

  • Real-time digital HD video streaming;

  • Real-time payload data processing (e.g. computer vision);

  • Real-time flight control (e.g. target tracking, collision prevention and obstacle avoidance);

  • In-flight telemetry and payload data streaming directly to customer’s cloud;

  • Drone-to-drone communications;

  • Running custom apps directly on the drone (edge computing);

  • Safely performing autonomous BVLOS missions with real-time control.

Sky-Drones Platform Structure


  • Advanced drone software powered by SmartAP AIRLink.

  • SmartAP GCS - super easy and intuitive 3D mission planning and remote flight control applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android + web application in the Sky-Drones Cloud.

  • Sky-Drones Cloud:

    • 3D mission planning & control web application;

    • Drone fleet management, performance monitoring, post-flight AI-analytics;

    • Integration services, the “glue” that connects drones, apps, partners and customers' software (see how Sky-Drones API was designed for customers).

  • Tightly integrated partner software such as UTM services, fleet management solutions, flight logs, etc.

All Sky-Drones software is free to use! Software integrations from our partners (e.g. UTM) cost according to partners pricing model.


Sky-Drones provides its users with a comprehensive set of leading drone avionics, entirely designed and manufactured in the UK:

  • SmartAP AIRLink - the most advanced AI drone flight controller;

  • AIRLink Telemetry System - broadband AES-256 encrypted digital datalink for 20km.

  • SmartLink - broadband digital datalink with an onboard computer and LTE option for third-party autopilots;

  • SmartAP PDB - power distribution board with the voltage / current sensor and power supply;

  • SmartAP GNSS - high-precision GNSS, barometer and magnetometer module.

Sky-Drones ships its partner drones and accessory equipment (for instance, uAvionix pingRX ADS-B receiver). We are listed sellers for our partners so make sure you get in touch to find out more!

Sky-Drones Platform Options

Sky-Drones Platform is fully compatible with different types of aircraft. Sky-Drones customers have been using the platform for years in BVLOS and EVLOS flights, alongside fully autonomous and GNSS-assisted manual missions.

Sky-Drones offers two major purchasing options:

  • Quick-start using comprehensive ready-made hardware and free software sets;

  • Attractive terms for bulk purchasing customers and customization requirements:

    • on-site production;

    • deep hardware and software customization;

    • integration with customer's infrastructure.

For further information please see:

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