Feature Highlights

Key features of ATLAS Handheld


ATLAS Handheld provides real-time video feed from multiple cameras as well as a map with detailed telemetry information. Easily switch between a map and video feeds with a simple tap of the screen.

Control any type of vehicles, including:

  • Quadcopters

  • Multicopters

  • VTOLs

  • Fixed wings

  • Rotary wings

  • Ground robots

Controls assignment

ATLAS Handheld has 4 high-accuracy Hall-effect joysticks. Functions assignment can be easily done in the software. Upper joysticks are recommended for UAS control (roll, pitch, yaw, thrust) and lower joysticks for payload control - gimbal orientation and camera controls. The controller is designed for operators as a primary user.

Long-range Connectivity

ATLAS Controller has integrated long raange telemetry module with high bandwidth allowing to transmit high resolution video, telemetry data, manual control and payload data. Key features include:

  • 2.4 GHz

  • up to 30 dBm output power

  • FCC / CE compliant

  • AES-256 encryption

  • Ultra low latency

Radio module can be disabled when it's not needed, e.g. when operating over LTE.

Ergonomic Design

ATLAS Handheld's ergonomic design perfectly fits in the operator's hands and allows continuous work. Additionally, it's IP68 rated with dust protection and water resistance.

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