Change Settings

Accessing Settings Menu

SmartLink has various settings which you may change to optimize the performance. To get to SmartLink's settings menu click on the Wireless Connection icon on top toolbar:

Changing Radio settings

Radio tab allows you to change radio settings as well as observe current RSSI and SNR values for connection.

  • SNR - Signal Noise Ratio, the ratio of signal power to the noise power, expressed in decibels.

  • RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indication, a measure of the energy observed by an antenna when receiving a signal

It's recommended to keep output TX power for both air and ground module at low values when working with the system on the ground. 7 dBm is the minimum and recommended value. Use higher values when flying. Using high values over long periods of time near the human body might cause health problems due to radiation.

After changing any parameter click Save. It might take a few seconds to save changes applied. The system may loose connection when changing any parameter.

Changing Security settings

Security tab allows you to assign network name and encryption key. Connection is AES encrypted.

Make sure that both air and ground modules have the same network name and encryption key. Otherwise, the modules are not considered to be paired and won't connect to each other.

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