Initial setup

Power up

Ground module supports two different power options - via USB or via dedicated power socket from the external power source.

USB power

The module can be powered directly from the USB port which can also provide communication to computer. Simply plug USB Type C cable into the USB port:

External power

The module can be powered with the dedicated power supply in the voltage range of 12-35V.

For the maximum RF performance It's recommended to use external power supply rather than USB power supply.


Connect Ethernet cable to RJ45 port as shown on the image below:

Connect the other side of the Ethernet cable to computer.

Verify the connection

It will take about 30 seconds until the module boots up. The computer will get an IP address in the range of 192.168.168.X. This can be verified in connectivity settings or in command line with ifconfig command (MacOS / Linux) or ipconfig (Windows):

Default IP addresses configuration:

ModuleIP Address

Air module

Ground module

You can check the connection to Air module with ping command:


Ethernet vs USB

It's recommended to use native Ethernet connection however you can also use Ethernet over USB connection (RNDIS). The computer will receive IP address similarly to the way where it's connected via Ethernet natively. Initial setup requires some drivers installation. Later the module can be used normally as plug-n-play. Refer to the next section for the initial drivers installation procedure:

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