Hardware Purchasing and Production Options
Learn more about the different option for getting Sky-Drones Hardware
Sky-Drones offer two major purchasing options:
  • Purchasing hardware from Sky-Drones website or via international dealers;
  • On-site production.

Purchasing Hardware from Sky-Drones

We appreciate the different integration levels required by the drone manufacturers. Therefore we offer two slightly different editions of AIRLink - the most advanced drone avionics: Enterprise and Core. AIRLink Enterprise is ideal for a quick start, evaluation and prototyping while Core is optimised for deep integration and mid-high volume manufacturing.
AIRLink Enterprise
AIRLink Core
Aluminum, with integrated heatsink and fan mounting option.
External heatsink or reasonable power dissipation should be provided by the design.
L103 x W61 x H37 mm
L100 x W57 x H22 mm
198 g
89 g
Operating temperature
Production volume
Low to Medium
Medium to High
SmartAP AIRLink Core edition is intended for medium to high volume production and deep integration with customer's hardware. The weight of electronics is only 80g and can be tightly integrated in the airframe design. However, heat dissipation requirements (provided by Sky-Drones) should be met for proper system operation.

On-site production

Licensed Production

The Sky-Drones team helps setting up the production on-site and performs turnkey production commissioning. Manufacturing technology is not disclosed. This option allows customer to optimize the logistics and produce the system locally.

Reference Design

The Sky-Drones team installs all the equipment on-site and performs turnkey production commissioning as well as transferring production technology.
This option is intended for:
  • Drone manufacturers;
  • High-volume production;
  • Excessively tight integrations.
You can:
  • Manufacture at your own factory;
  • Control the volume;
  • Modify schematics and layout to suit your needs.
You receive:
  • Schematics / layout / CAD / BOM;
  • Engineering support from the Sky-Drones team.
This option would suit well to large volume orders, e.g. UAV fleets. Interested? Contact us!
Hardware customizations
In any of the above cases, the Sky-Drones team would be glad to slightly or deeply customize hardware to fit the customer's requirements.