Unable to ping smartlink.local - Unknown host

Some operating systems might not have local DNS, therefore, resulting in unabling to access the system using the name (smartlink.local). This is known for all Android platforms and some Windows platforms. In case you can't ping smartlink.local and get similar:

$ping smartlink.local
ping: cannot resolve smartlink.local: Unknown host 

You'll need to find out the IP address for SmartLink. There are numerous ways to do this, we'll use NMAP tool in this example. First of all, download and install NMAP tool here unless it's not installed yet:


sudo apt-get install nmap

Mac OS

brew install nmap


Go to official website for NMAP tool: Nmap web page Select Latest stable release self-installer: nmap-7.80-setup.exe or similar, download and install it.

Make sure to select Install Npcap in WinPcap API-compatible mode during the installation.

After installation completed open command line and go to NMAP folder:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nmap"

Execute IP addresses scan within the required range, in our case it will be:

nmap 192.168.168.*

As the result of this command you'll see IP addresses in this range. You'll have which is as a rule configured as air module, which is usually configured as ground module and 192.168.168.x (x: 0-255) which is IP address for SmartLink. You should use this IP address - 192.168.168.x for direct connection instead of smartlink.local.